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Posted by: Soresha Tue, Nov 27 2007, 07:57

The Guild Fleet Expands

Our second guild caravel, Ruache's "Gildenfyre", was launched from Khal harbour yesterday. After receiving some basic sailing tuition from Ysora, he sailed out of Khal and down the river. Unfortunately there are no "L" plates available ingame for caravels or we would have stuck some on the back, but if a bright red Kojani caravel with a dwarf at the helm heads straight towards you in future, do try to stay out of it's way. Ruache only ran aground once on the way out to sea, plus colliding with a stationary caravel anchored at the river's edge (causing both ships to despawn!), not too bad for a learner. smile.gif

After being dunked in the river during the collision, Ysora retreated to the safety of her own "Drakeshana" and the two caravels headed out to that irresistable sea portal on the north Qalian coast. A word of warning though, don't try to sail more than one caravel through a sea portal at once - the results include colliding inside the portal and being thrown across additional chunk boundaries on the other side!

Launched in Khal
wrangled image

Ruache at the helm
wrangled image

Sister ships, Drakeshana and Gildenfyre
wrangled image

Night sailing out to sea
wrangled image

Posted by: tramsan Tue, Nov 27 2007, 08:51

I'm amazed and surprised it isn't called Red Dwarf. tongue.gif

Posted by: Soresha Tue, Nov 27 2007, 13:57

QUOTE (tramsan @ Tue, Nov 27 2007, 09:51) *
I'm amazed and surprised it isn't called Red Dwarf. tongue.gif


Posted by: Arcat Tue, Nov 27 2007, 16:52

Nice smile.gif

And at night all dwa.. err ships are gray.

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