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Posted by: Soresha Sun, Nov 11 2007, 12:55

Maiden Voyage of the Drakeshana

After weeks of delay, Ysora completes the Kojan Caravel Quest and the first guild caravel is constructed!

The stacks of knotted timber collected by the guild months ago were depleted, and further timber donations from Hagan and Dengorian were used as well. The refining went smoothly, thanks to the plank production manual Ragnaroth took from the corpse of a foul creature he slayed.

Ruache crafted the sails, rigging, and ironmongery needed, then waited for Ysora to finish the construction in Khal. He was fairly patient, but dwarves do get bored after awhile and he was soon performing handstands around the ship construction tables.

Finally the caravel was completed, given the name "Drakeshana" and launched from Khal harbour. For her maiden voyage we took her down the river to the east, then north out to sea. On reaching the sea portal we were transported effortlessly to Kojani waters, and we sailed her into Tawar Galan. There was a close call when our caravel was nearly rammed on the port side by a ferry galleon, but she sped forward out of harm's way and docked safely in the harbour for the night.

Launched in Khal harbour
wrangled image

Sailing down the Qalian river
wrangled image

Through the sea portal
wrangled image

Sailing in Kojani waters
wrangled image

Docked in Tawar Galan, with the sloop Drakana
wrangled image

Posted by: Arcat Sun, Nov 11 2007, 13:41

Grats Ysora!

Impressive piece of wood there hehe smile.gif


Posted by: metagruen Mon, Nov 12 2007, 15:34

Ooow, these screens look sweet.
I favor the sea portal... Vanguard is really nice looking with the water shaders, etc...
And the boat looks impressive, too.
How much work is it? Compared to plot building in HZ?

Posted by: tramsan Mon, Nov 12 2007, 18:35

Great ship! Grats smile.gif

Posted by: Joaqim Tue, Nov 13 2007, 15:17

Grats, nice SHIP!

Too bad that I missed the lil journey.

But hey - hope I will have the chance next time, see:

Joa ph34r.gif

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