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> Discoveries, Excavations, Inventions, Intrusions and Transformation
post Wed, May 18 2005, 15:00
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Long forgotten monsters, uncharted territory, helpful gadets, powerful artefacts,
extraordinary craftsmanship, long lost dragon lore revealed and terrible new foes


Frontiersmen discoverd an until now hidden entrance to an unknown island.
The entrance, a portal had to be "excavated", freed from millenia worth of debris that had closed of its access tunnel.

wrangled image

After the first bloody encounters with the inhabitants of that new-found isle it was aptly named WereWolf Island.
WereWolves, mere monsters of legend ...until now. Ferocious Beasts, whose mere touch can paralyze even the most seasoned of adventurers.

wrangled image

Rumor has it that there is a second such island close to the first.
Soon after the inital battles a destroyed bridge was dicovered. Where it leads no one knows yet. The other end is shrouded in eternal mist, which even the dragons have not been able to penetrate so far.

The Return of the Ancients

Our flying brethern have different concerns though. Ancient dragons have returned to Istaria to guide the gifted adults on their way to rediscover the true power that is their ancient heritage.

However the road is a long and winding one, The ancients are seemingly not intent on serving new powers on a platter.


Meanwhile our crafters continue to hone their skills, test new inventions and improve on recently redicovered patterns and formulas.
For example, one Gangaf, a gnome tinkerer, has come up with a new way to shorten overland travvel times. He calls it his experimental boots of speed, no fatal misshaps on record yet. Well, dragonfear is a powerful drive it seems :)

Recently armorers and outfitters across the land have tested new shield designs. Round shields with several "side effects" can now be bought in most larger settlements.

The understanding of blighted equipment has improved quite a bit, so that now even lower quality blighted equipment can be crafted.

As our elite defenders make their way further and further into the eastern deadlands, they seem to discover more and more powerful artefacts. Mainly weapons and jewelry have been found so far.
For example a Paladin's sword named the "Zealot".

And on the troubling side

You probably have all heard of kwellen , even if most of you have probably never seen one in person. Intelligent monsters the size of ogres with huge wings and horns.

Until recently they were known as solitary creatures, true they usually had some company, but never of their own kind.
Lately there have been reports of organized forces of kwellen raiding frontier towns. Terrifying thought indeed....stay tuned for more info on kwellen activity .

On the homefront

wrangled image

Building of Tavu progresses at a very good rate. We now have most shops, a vault and even a tavern, hosting a wide variety of beverages and steamy soups.
Arcat and Meta have even opened their "Nature shop" to the public selling orbs, spools, tannin and stuff.

Journeyman Blacksmith, Scholar's, Stoneworking and Woodworking Shops next to basic Alchemy and Organics Machines are available to our Guild as well as to the public.

wrangled image

wrangled image

We are proud to announce a new recruit: Noirenex/Ixinia

And welcome all homecoming WoW-pioneers, especially the well-known maker of kinky leather outfits Metagruen.

The Order of Reclamation

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