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> State Of The Order, Part XVII
post Mon, Jan 23 2006, 00:19
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Lots of things happened the past months; hence I'll take the opportunity to give the world a brief update of the recent happenings.

First off, the Order of Reclamation celebrates two years of existence! Now who would have thought we'd make it this far.. but.. well, we did.

Tavu, our Guild Town is fully built up (besides some personal housing projects) and hosts all Workshops. The fish spawn around the southern shore is healthy and the Nature Shop near the Pad, offering Orbs + Spools is a regularly visited place, for Adventurers of all races and sizes, since many months now.

Achievements worth to mention is the defeat of Son of Gigaroth with just 3 guild members and as well great loot series during many Reklar / Valkor hunts, which apparently led to some shard wide greed biggrin.gif

wrangled image

Current Members

Monkee returned from a quick break in remote beta-lands, ready for some serious one hand piercing and cluttering of Parsinia sea-view with silos. His experimental wingman, Keomen Greenglow, is still drowning in hoard and loot-treasure, no plans to grow up to get airborne for the very moment.

Claws also returned from afkness and seeks for new challenges. Our Warchief trains up his latest replica Claus, to become an even more dangerous Spearman: A Ranger, ready to aim at anything that moves. Terragor turned ancient and doesn't bother about attack-combos or primal spells anymore, one-hit-kills seem to be the way: As far as I know he's the only one who was able to defeat Valkor solo, with some minor assistance by a lost Druid. Congrats!

Metagruen put his level 60 Hero into hibernation and probably plans to donate yet another tree to the Istaria-forest-project, as well as gain some bunny-out-of-hat-skills (summoning swords a lifetime does leave marks) by increasing mage abilities.

Marcos returned as well! The chief cook is back in town, turned level 100 fitter very recently and is currently trying to get rid of the 40 meters of snow on his abandoned plot in Kirasanct. Since he switched from Berserker to Cleric Istarians Ambrosia market did fully collapse.

Soresha is the other dragon in our Guild who turned ancient, besides her twisted neck (prolly from flying in workshops) she does great: completed her two plots in Tavu, trained her cat some nifty augmentation tricks, won the annual red-stocking runner-up-price and has now sadly vanished from surface .. Her million-gold-lair 'Blizzard Crags' is heavily under construction.

Zchronox "Skulk Nightmare" Elffy recently mastered his archery skills by acclaiming the mysterious Blood-Bow. Altho, when he picked up his bow he went missing right away. One theroy for his sudden disappearance is that he's still trying to read the instruction manual that came with the new toy.

Joaqim switched plots and built up his very own town. Although, Left to do are some street signs to find a way out of the plot again. Beleenda got some recent fame for completing multiple Valkor repair bits and pieces and is now seen with a Katana type of blade - ready to slice things into little cubes or slices... well. doesn't matter.

Gezsera *zuff zack bong zgongg* - our guilds most skilled monk-discipline with more chain attacks than hotkeys also gave up his former plot and found himself a new home, however on-surface settling stalled badly, either because the pile of dead heros in front his house due to the 400m freefall shortcut or lack of time due his latest accession, an anonymous dragon with a gorgeous lair near Aiya.

Legur is the very latest member of the Order, recently turned level 100 Miner and rumor has it he gained night-vision since he spent a good amount of time deep down in the gem caverns at the island of fire. During the past months Legur was very active in rebuilding public structures in Istaria, currently for sure leading our Order's reclamation ambitions. Same as Zchronox, Claws and Joaqim he's often found in Valkor / Reklar-Death-Squadrons.

The past months there were some guest appearances by Pauli, Irsis and Noirenx, however all three are still on vacation.


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post Mon, Jan 23 2006, 23:05
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Great! huh.gif

thx for update wink.gif

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post Tue, Jan 24 2006, 09:36
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Yes very nice smile.gif

But what has our Queen been up to, besides forgetting to empty the Tavu library?
The mighty Arcat seems to have been omitted...


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