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> State of the Order
post Wed, Jul 7 2004, 16:50
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Group: Order of Reclamation
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Dear guild-mates and friends, fellow istarians,

today I will give you a brief summary about the current and recently finished ventures members of our order choose to undertake.
This will have to wait however , as I will use this opportunity to give you some insight on the "state of the world" first.
And to introduce to you Metagruen and Lovice, who have been promoted to full members.

A few background informations, to describe the current circumstances we face:

You have all heard about the influx of dryads into our communities of course.
And that there seems to be no end to the dwarven brewing misshap.

More recently we have had visitors from an as of yet unknown part of istaria, the Vielo. They seem to be on the run from someone or something!? They have, however, brought with them the expert knowledge, that we believed to be lost forever. They do know what they can charge for such treasure, believe me. To make sure prices remain high, they will only reveal so much at a time, making it quite a bit frustrating to learn at times. But they choose not to elabotrate any further on why or what the are fleeing, at this time.

The latest change in our daily lives is the weather. Gigantic sandstorms hold most istarian deserts in their grip. These are not only very hazardous in terms of getting lost, but they harbor creatures of living sand as well. These so-called "Dust Elementals" pack a punch, it is not advised to face them on your own, as they will take any chance to group on you, that they are offered. No information on the origin or purpose of this supernatural storm has been discovered yet. There are ongoing expeditions to some old desert ruins, which have however been fruitless so far.

As you can see the future looks to say the least a bit cloudy, as rumors of new evils spread. A lost and feverish man in the garb of an adventurer was found wandering aimlessly by some local folks some time ago. He was very ill then and hasn't shown any signs of recovery yet. He will sometimes awake, terrified but somewhat clearer of mind, and tell about winged demons and tentacled trees, before crying himself to sleep again.

In light of this, a race has begun to aquire/coerce as much knowledge from the vielo as possible and gain the needed skills, in order to arm ourselves for what there is to come.

So allow me to introduce to you the latest additions to our Order: Lovice and Metagruen

Lovice, the "Mistress of the Blade" and soon to be "Lady of the Rings"
She has become an important addition to our offensive capabilities, being a high level reaver now. Craftwise she is training to be a jeweler, that will ultimately surpass the legendary Svend in skill and charm.

Metagruen, creator of fancy evening attire and colorful tapestries
It (he? - a Sslik like me) is an accomplished tailor/weaver, with alchemy skills to get the color just right. Fittingly he chose to become a Knight of Creation in his spare time, which is rather limited, due to his untiring community work.

I am honored to be able to congratulate the two of you on behalve of the entire order.

It is also my pleasure to announce that those two are not the end of our current growth. Two more players, NewAge and Marcos are currently applying for membership. Both are already accomplished istarian adventurers.

Meanwhile the build-up of our frontier settlements goes ahead mostly unimpeded.
As our current/recent projects show: (the reclamation part!)

Monkee's and Arcat's plots are almost finished now. Several Buildings were redesigned (moved) and the last missing structure (clothworkshop) is 50% complete. We helped "Guardians of Istaria" to build their new Guildhouse and plan to build a road network between these three plots.

Andvare and Linwyn of the "Keepers of the Light" helped to raise an OoR consigner in dryart, that is now finished.
We also started to rebuild the infrastructure of Dryart. Two Archways and several Lampposts were restored. There are plans to build more machines soon.

Important community work:
Meta and Arcat helped with the rebuilding of the artifact, that released the new plots west of Morning Light upon its restoration.

After the reaquisation of our "lerenian mall" plot, the first consigner has already opened its doors again. Thanks to Lafiel, who did this almost solo.
Even I honed my building skills a little. Being a merchant is no longer worth the effort as compared to the risk, with all the inflation going on. But I will tell you all about Lerena next time.

Arcat made a very nice map of the guild holdings, with all the finished structures marked on it.

Adventureing achievements and plans:
Arcat's and Metagruen's dragon alts Critter and Fume are gearing up for their Rite of Passage. Critter is probably going to follow the helian path.
We aquired a "priceless ashthorn medallion" for Monkee, an almost unique monk item. (very priceless!) wink.gif
Azoun is now a (uniquely-colored) cobalt-plated dwarf. biggrin.gif
With the introduction of expert knowledge and new mobs I am now back to hunting. My Goal is to be able to wear mithril chain.

Crafting achievements and goals:
Tinka "the pink" is now able to craft double-teched silk cargo armor
Lafiel is the ranking enchanter on the shard.
Monkee, Batak and Lafiel are already/almost able to craft expert stuff.

Special thanks to Arcat, the guild photographer.
Thanks to everyone for being a great bunch.

Pirate Dunkelkralle, Vulmane, Rakurr Shaman 32, Outfitter 26, Diplomat 12

Claws, Spearman 100 / Healer 100 and Blacksmith 100 / Fitter 100 / Mason 62 / Carpenter 62
Terragor, Ancient Dragon 100 / 100, hoard at 26 million
Finder, Druid 100 / Healer 100 / Spiritist 100 / Warrior 100 / Conjurer 100
and newest family member:
Claus, Demon Archer :D and Scourge of Lesser Ardo..Arda..whatever (Scout 100, Ranger 100, Healer 100, Druid 82, Mage 36 atm)

"show me yours and I will show you mine"
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post Fri, Jul 30 2004, 18:33
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Guild Founder

Group: Order of Reclamation
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I am very glad to see how well you are progressing smile.gif

AeVorn Llewdyllar
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