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Forum for the Order of Reclamation _ Guild Announcements _ A New Dawn

Posted by: Arcat Tue, Mar 21 2006, 23:54

The Order of Reclaimation received a couple of Applications the past weeks, we'd like to welcome the new Dragons and Ssilks to the Guild!

Loith and Smrgol started as Hatchlings and soon managed to master the Rite of Passage.
Nextrodaet - already Adult and Shirook the Ssilk Warrior are both soon to become a powerful fellowship to teach the Withered Aegis it's lession:
Spawning leads to Death smile.gif

One of the first things the Guild could benefit from their new members was to unite and help the two Hatchlings through the hard Battle for Adulthood.

wrangled image

A big grats to all the new Adults and a big hello to our new Members!

(for more images see comments)

Posted by: Arcat Tue, Mar 21 2006, 23:54

wrangled image
^ It was quite some adventure to accompany all those Hatchlings across the Swamps around Spirit Tower.

wrangled image
^ Hard fight against three Entombed Dragons smile.gif

wrangled image
^ Takeoff!

Posted by: Nextrodaet Wed, Mar 22 2006, 13:51

Not quite as masterful as Arcat's screenshot taking, but here are some screenies from me biggrin.gif

wrangled image

^ Top left - Arcat and Beel (which one is cuter? You decide!)
Bottom left - School trip to Lerena biggrin.gif
Right - Nextrodaet feeling like mum.

wrangled image

^ Caution - hatchies may explode under extreme pressure biggrin.gif

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