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Posted by: Soresha Sat, Sep 1 2007, 08:59

A New Home in the Deebs Valley

We waited for our new server, perfecting our masterplan for the land rush. Then we waited some more, and finally the moment arrived...

31st August 2007 - Gelenia and Infineum are merged to form Halgar, the new EU PvE Server.

The moment we arrived in our new land Belinda, Hagan, Ragnaroth and Ysora raced to buy their new homes. Belinda, Hagan and Ysora settled together in a small group of plots close to the Deebs bridges. Ragnaroth found himself several plots of land close by.

Shortly afterwards Fourwinds joined us, and we found him a good spot on a hill with a view. Jiffy arrived an hour later but was still able to find a home only a little further south, although be careful if you visit for Jagund the Wavebreaker roams nearby!

After purchasing our plots the construction work began, and there was some donating of second-hand homes too. Ysora is living in Belinda's old tier 4 house, whilst Hagan and Fourwinds received tier 3 homes from Ysora and Ragnaroth.

Hagan sits proudly amongst his new scaffolding
wrangled image

Ysora and Hagan, building Hagan's house
wrangled image

Belinda and Ysora, amongst the crowd fetching their housing materials from the Housing Escrow Vendor
wrangled image

Belinda rebuilds her tier 4 house for Ysora
wrangled image

Ysora's new home
wrangled image

One of Ragnaroth's new plots
wrangled image

Posted by: Soresha Sat, Sep 1 2007, 09:06

PS: Yesterday I also recorded the positions of all our houses, so I can create a map for our Vanguard wiki. smile.gif


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