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Posted by: Mattrim Sun, Jul 22 2007, 01:42

Ive gone tired of wow, and just started a bit of Lotro a few days ago and it made me think of the good old days in Horizons, is the servers still running?

Are anyone of you guys left ingame?

Im sure that none of Divine Retribution are left.

Do you remember me btw? if not I guess it is not so important...

Anyways, I am downloading horizons now as I type (my cds were gone =) ), would be cool if anyone were online?

are there any payments that need to be done to play? I will find out soon I guess...

Thanks for any fast replies....

Mattrim Cauthon, your neighborhood Carpenter =)

Posted by: Arcat Sun, Jul 22 2007, 10:40

Hey Mattrim smile.gif

Nice to see you again!

Horizons Europe is dead - there was a Database copy to the US in Dec 2006 but nothing did happen since this.
If you download the game you can only play in the US. Afaik playing is free of charge if you start with the trial.

However your old character as well as everything on Unity is gone.


Posted by: Mattrim Sun, Jul 22 2007, 11:12

bah, that is what I feared. so my character was not saved and copied over to the NA shard?

do you play in hz btw?

Posted by: Arcat Sun, Jul 22 2007, 11:32

Nope. No copy.

I'm not playing anymore, most of the OoRies are now playing Vanguard smile.gif

Edit: <- where we're hiding smile.gif


Posted by: Mattrim Sun, Jul 22 2007, 11:39

Bah, I had such a urge to try it out again =(

been trying for a day now to get in but the login pages wont show, might as well uninstall it again I guess =(

Is Vanguard any fun though?

Posted by: Arcat Sun, Jul 22 2007, 11:42

been trying for a day now to get in but the login pages wont show, might as well uninstall it again I guess =(

Well you can still play a new char, if this appeals to you at all.

Vanguard: Can't say since I'm not playing it.

If there's a trial now I'm sure it's worth the checkout.


Posted by: Mattrim Sun, Jul 22 2007, 11:50

I have tried, beliveme. But I am unable to get inot the logg inn pages to even create an account!

I guessing they really dont want people to play it anymore...

Posted by: Arcat Sun, Jul 22 2007, 11:57

This link enforces that the site thinks you're from the US.
All other countries get to a non existing page smile.gif Yeah ... impressive isn't it.


Posted by: Mattrim Sun, Jul 22 2007, 12:47

ahh, thanks mate =)

Posted by: Monkee Mon, Jul 23 2007, 13:11

Heya Mattrim biggrin.gif

I fear i will never play Hz... unless Monkee is saved somewhere..

Current mmo is Vanguard, but im struggling to play there atm with rl and ctd issues

Anyways good to see you are still around smile.gif


Posted by: Mattrim Mon, Jul 23 2007, 16:07

I have sendt a ticket in asking if it is possible to transfer the char, I will see how it goes...

as my account that I used before is still active in their network I have a vague hope...

Ive restarted a bit, much harder than when I had my 100 carp lvls I must say =))

Posted by: Soresha Tue, Jul 24 2007, 18:59


Monkee is not saved... but he is immortalised! You're my co-star in that video, remember? biggrin.gif

Vanguard has trial accounts in the form of buddy keys that last for 10 days. I've got 5 I can give out (4 from Maurice) and Maurice has quite a few more too, so there's no shortage. Our little Vanguard group consists of Monkee, Joaqim, Maurice and me. Then there's a general "IstariaExile" channel where ex-Horizons players hang out.

Mattrim - if you'd like to try out Vanguard with us I can certainly send a trial key your way. However Maurice just left for a 2 week holiday, Joaqim said something about being busy over the next few weeks, Monkee's currently a bit absent, plus the server merge is "imminent" (2-4 weeks away, or basically whenever the devs think it's ready)... so perhaps right now isn't the best time for a trial! After the server merge might be better and the general population will have increased then too, although I believe our server hasn't been hit as badly as some.


Posted by: Joaqim Tue, Jul 24 2007, 21:47

Heya there,

I am still here - it's next week and most of the week after when I probably will be busy and rarely seen - and yes I should still got some keys somewhere around. So Mattrim if you want to give it a try just let us know. And as some said before, no chars -> no horizons

Joa ph34r.gif

Posted by: Mattrim Wed, Jul 25 2007, 22:27

I found a guild called Heroes of Unity wich I joined, quite a big guild too. on busy nights there are over 15 of us online

trying HZ a bit atm, have the urge for crafting =)) (ingame name Mattrek if anyone wants to know)

I have tried Vanguard. It is a good game, but had no friends playing that I knew about back then so I quit after the 1week trial...

If I am bored Ill come in and try it again once more with you guys =)

But starting to study again now soon so might have much time to do much else unfortunately...

Ill keep in touch here if anyone have any questions about Hz anyhow...

Posted by: maurice.griffiths Fri, Jul 27 2007, 13:13

QUOTE(Mattrim @ Sun, Jul 22 2007, 11:39) *
Bah, I had such a urge to try it out again =(

been trying for a day now to get in but the login pages wont show, might as well uninstall it again I guess =(

Is Vanguard any fun though?

hey mattrim i remember you, you made a pestle and mortar for me when i was just starting Hz my char was Maurice, though you may not remember me I supose

Posted by: Mattrim Fri, Jul 27 2007, 14:04

I remember your Name, but I can not remember making that pestle and mortar for you though =)

Posted by: Mattrim Mon, Jul 30 2007, 22:56

Re: Ticket 10205, Responded

Dear Kim Gulbrandsen

A new message has been added to the service request #10205.

I apologize, however if you characters were created on the EU shard, they are
not on the US shards. However if you wish you may start a new account with us.

Horizons Customer support


Guess I have to start over!

Posted by: Claws Fri, Jan 25 2008, 07:39

Hiho smile.gif

greetz all

played ddo for a few months, but got tired of it after the first big update
leveld a hunter in lotro to max and quit about a week after, with still 2 month of my sub left at that time

not playing any "real mmorpg" atm
but a "browser game": ohmy.gif


i go by the name of blecheimer
it's good fun while being at work



Posted by: Arcat Sat, Jan 26 2008, 13:31

Hi Claws smile.gif

How's things?

I just made a techwarrior char named "Gunni". Let's see if this is more fun that the Travian thingie.


Posted by: Mattrim Mon, May 12 2008, 18:38

Hey again guys, seems like the new owners of Horizons or Istaria as they have changed it to now have opened the possebileties to tranfer your old chars from Unity to the US servers!

Aye you heard me right, they are in good health and rdy to be transfered at your will! =)

Just a little reminder for those who have gone tired of their MMOs atm

Here is the link on how to regain their long lost friends:
A post on how to for dummies...

Me myselg is moving on to AoC with a scandinavian guild, if I dont like it I might even subscribe once to check out my char Mattrim once again. If anyone decides to repossess their chars I would love t know wich server you went to. I belive most europeans went to Chaos shard? Not sure but I hope so...

Cya around guys

Best regards Mattrim

Posted by: Arcat Mon, May 12 2008, 21:23

Hiya Mattrim,

Most of us went to Chaos.


Posted by: Mattrim Tue, May 13 2008, 14:31

Ahh, did not see you already had such a post.

So how is Hz going atm? been any big changes?

Posted by: Arcat Sun, May 18 2008, 02:59

Nope smile.gif Same old besides the new Confectioner class and several other minor changes.


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