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Wiki How-To


Note: If you're stuck please use the “Chat” link above and ask for live help :)


You need to know a few things offhand before you can start editing:

Our Wiki has several different categories or namespaces as they are called generally in the Wiki world. Each namespace comes with different set of permissons and purposes. The namespaces we current use are: Order of Reclamation (oor), Horizons, Vanguard and Public.

When you goto the Wiki Homepage and click on Order of Reclamation you'll see the following address in your browser:


“oor” is the internal name of the namespace, the ”:” splits the namespace from the actual page name: oor:arcat, oor:soresha, etc. In the example above the pagename is equal to the namespace (oor:oor) which means that you're at the home or indexpage of a specific category.

On the Wiki home you can see the various permissions.


If you got edit permissions you'll see an “Edit this Page” link at the top, if you lack permissions you'll see “View Page Source”.

Generally everyone can edit the pages of others, there are no private pages. This also means editing comes with responsibility: Don't delete/edit stuff from others unless it's an improvement or correction.


Most important thing to know: You can't mess up! There's an undo for every operation which can be triggered by the Administrators and in some cases also by yourself.

Page creation

1. Please goto: http://reclamation.dk/wiki/oor:oor
2. Click on "Edit this Page"
3. Scroll down and look for "Personal Spaces"
4. Enter the following: {space}{space}* [[Your name]]
   for example: "  * [[Thomas]]"
5. Hit Save

Please replace “Your Name” with your Forum name, e.g. Arcat or Bolger.

You'll now see the same page again but added a Link which is appearing in red. If the link you just added looks not correctly or has no dot in front of it you probably have mistyped something, return to step 2. and ensure you did use the exact Syntax (step 4).

If everything looks fine continue:

Well, you have just created your first Wiki page :) But why is the link red? A red link means a page is prepared to be edited, but doesn't exit yet.

Generally this is the way how new pages get added: You first add a link to another exiting page, then click on it and edit the page.

So let's go and create it for real:

Page edit

1. Please goto: http://reclamation.dk/wiki/oor:oor
2. Click on your red link you've just created
3. On this empty page click on "Edit this Page"
4. Click on the 'H1' icon at the toolbar and replace ''Level 1 Headline'' with your Name (the same you used to create the link earlier)
5. Ensure you leave the ''======'' intact
6. Now press return a few times and enter some testing text
7. Hit Save

You'll now see 'your page'.

If you click again on http://reclamation.dk/wiki/oor:oor you'll notice your link is no longer red.

You can edit your (or any) page as often as you wish. However keep in mind that all edits will be saved (to undo) and will also show up on the “Show History” link. Means: Use preview often, hundreds of edits will confuse people who would like to see what you're changed.

In order to edit any page:

1. Goto the page you intend to edit
2. Click on 'Edit this Page'
3. Edit :)
4. Preview
5. once happy, Save

Page restore

Messed up something?

1. Goto the page you messed up by a recent edit
2. Click on "Show History"
3. Use the goggle icon and finally the link on the right to pick the version you were happy with.
4. Click on "Edit this Page / Restore this version"
5. Save

Images / Formatting

You can add all sorts of Formatting to your pages. At the top of the Edit page is a link to Formatting Syntax which show cases a few examples. To add images please use the Wrangler or the built in tool (for advanced users).

Basically the Wiki software does all the Layout formatting for you; Your task is to add chapters, paragraphs and the overall Text flow.

If you see a formatting you like on another page, goto it, hit either 'View Page Source' or 'Edit this Page' and copy the bits you like to adopt.

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