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Horizons / Istaria

Selen reclamation plans

MonkeeBeginner Blacksmith Shopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Alchemist Shopcompleted
ArcatExpert Cauldron Shopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Clothworking Shopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Confectioner Shopcompleted
MonkeeBeginner Jewelry Shopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Leatherworking Shopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Mill Shopcompleted
ArcatExpert Pottery Workshopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Scholar Shopcompleted
MonkeeBeginner Stoneworking Shopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Tinkerer Shopcompleted
ArcatBeginner Woodworkingcompleted


Mission: Fill all storage with craft gear.

Missing trophies





Keomen's T2 Smelting Gear

Iron Tool Claw (Smelting II), 
Slate Strength Chest Scale (Smelting II), 
2 x Slate Strength Wing Scale (Smelting II), 
Slate Strength Head Scale (Smelting II), 
24 Iron Bar, 
5 Iron Golem Fragment, 
5 Lapis Lazuli Golem Chip, 
20 Pale Essence Orb, 
48 Slate Brick

Processing Gear

  • 9 items with tierV tech(+20 each) = +180
  • 8 items with blessings(+6 each) = + 48
  • Total = +228

Construction Gear

  • 10 items with tierV tech(+20 each) = +200
  • 1 items with blessings(+6 each) = + 6
  • Total = +206
Construction Jewels

2 x Mithril Power Earring (Essence Structuring V, Weaving V), 
2 x Mithril Power Bracelet (Essence Structuring V, Weaving V), 
Mithril Power Necklace (Essence Structuring V, Weaving V), 
10 Blue Vexator Fringe, 
24 Mithril Bar, 
24 Peridot, 
10 Purple Spider Venom, 
10 Purple Tarantula Venom, 
40 Shining Essence Orb, 
10 Veteran Blight Bindings


Example: Marble Brew Stirrer (Enchanting V), 
10 Marble Brick, 
2 Purple Spider Venom, 
4 Shining Essence Orb, 
2 Veteran Ghost Vapor

Horizons Crafting Calculator

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