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We've setup a small and cozy chat channel for all members and friends of the order. There's also a fireplace and a Dragon Dragoness looking after it.

Sounds good? Well here's how it works:

For the IRC-savvy


  • Server: irc.pounces.me
  • Port: 6667 (default port)
  • Channel: #oor

For the IRC-beginner

Click on the 'Chat' link at the top - as simple as it sounds :)

This will open an IRC chat client written in Java. You can leave this window open while you play or work :)
All you need is a browser and the Java plugin which can be obtained here: http://www.java.com/.

If you don't feel like installing a browser plugin or prefer a standalone application here are some alternative options:

ChatZillafreeFirefox Browser Addonhttps://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/16/
mIRC30 days trialProbably most popular clienthttp://www.mirc.com/
Klient30 days trialprofessional clienthttp://www.klient.com/

List of (almost all) IRC Clients: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_IRC_clients

Nickname registration

The server that hosts the #oor channel enforces nickname registration by renaming you to guest after some time.

Registering yourself (you only need to do this one time)

/nick desired_username
/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

Identify yourself! This step needs to be repeated after each and every login.
It can be automated but the actual steps to achieve this depend a lot on the IRC client you use)

/nick desired_username
/msg identify PASSWORD

Some basic IRC commands

/join OR /j : joins a channel
Example: /join #oor

/part OR /p : leaves the current channel
Example: /part

/nick : changes your nickname
Example: /nick Beholder

/msg : sends a private message to someone
Example: /msg username Hello!

the client guesses the 'username' by pressing the first few characters of a nickname, followed by the Tab key.

Simply type them into the Input field at your IRC client of choice.

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