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Order of Reclamation

Multiplayer Games We're Playing

Use this space to let everyone know what games you're playing.

Full details of your servers and characters can be given in your personal space, or separate wiki page/s can be created for a game. Feel free to provide as little or as much information as you'd like. :)

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

For further details see our Vanguard section.

Jamie, Joaqim, Maurice, Monkee, Soresha

C&C3 / Anno 1701 / MOO 2 / Civ IV / Quake 2

Savage : Battle for Newerth

metagruen Savage is a RTS/FPS game. 2-4 teams against each other. Every team has a commander who views the game from top as in a typical RTS game. The other teammmembers play in simple FPS view. The commander is able to construct buildings and give directions to the players. The game has been heavily modified by a team of modders and is played by a strong but small community of players. It's free to play since a few months. So be sure to check it out.


http://www.notforidiots.com/sfe :: Resource site with download links for the full game version including the addon. http://www.newerth.com :: Savage community site. Maybe the most active. http://www.s2games.com :: Developer of Savage and Savage 2

Personal Spaces

Some folks have setup their own pages with further details about what they play.

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