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  • Create Co-Admin + Moderators


  • Teaser Page
  • multiple signature Addon
  • add Announcement to Home
  • add (Guild-) Memberlist
  • add support for multiple header logos
  • fix all wrangler images (only images OLDER than 04/2005 are affected)
  • check all backlinks and include integrity
  • resurrect Gallery (v2 :)

(very) Optional

  • resurrect Inventory Browser
  • add RSS importer
  • Logo: jpg → gif

only happening if someone smacks me

  • Dark skin support for the wiki
  • Wiki: Add support for restore, move and page delete.
  • Wiki: Add support for “x New Messages” (header / member bar)

IPB/Dokuwiki Changelog

  • Fixed an issue with the encoding (£)
  • Added transparent png support for IE<7
  • Added support for theme switching (no more relog needed)
  • Cleaned up skinning system
  • Added background color to RSS (home)
  • Fixed Access policy for wiki:* - images will now show up at the Formatting Syntax Page
  • Switched back to the classic profile at the forums (myspace my bum)
  • replaced the 'microsoft head' avatar at the profile with a blank image
  • Forced redirection if entering from www. (this will make all current cookies invalid I think)
  • Added VERY experimental dual login (now the forum session works for both, forum and wiki)
  • Added [youtube] tag to both the forums and the wiki
  • Added support for multiple groups. Please let me know if you got access restrictions you didn't have earlier.
  • Fixed an issue with Magic Quotes (Page edits containing ' or \\ need to be fixed manually!
  • Outgoing PMs will be stored in your 'Sent Items' Folder by default
  • Removed PM tracking (read confirmation thingie)
  • Fixed a bug with at the MultiSignature plugin.
  • Due to a bug in v2.2.2 your login will be remembered for 30 days only. This will be set back to 'infinite' once IPS supplies a patch for the session handling. Bug got fixed :) Your session will again be remembered until you logout.
  • Fixed a broken image link in the wiki CSS
  • Replaced Logo
  • Updated Wiki to 2007-06-26 (changelog: http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki%3Achanges)
  • Fixed dark emoticons
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