Horizons - Ye Olde Notepad Converter

v1.0 - by Arcat / Order of Reclamation
Converts any Text to UINotepad.def and back... in a very beta-kind of way.

Ye Olde Nodepad (type here..)
Log / Debug / etc.


UINotepad.def can be found inside the Horizons installation directory, prefs\shard_character\UINotepad.def
by default Horizons is installed at C:\Program Files\Artifact Entertainment\Horizons

1. Prepare a new Notepad for ingame usage
a. Enter any Text at the first Textarea.
b. Hit 'Save as..' and replace the existing UINotepad.def.

2. Import an existing ingame Notepad
a. Click on 'Browse' and select your UINotepad.def.
b. Click on 'Load ..'
c. Edit the Text at the first Textarea.
d. Hit 'Save as..' and replace the existing UINotepad.def.

Be aware:

There is no limit in max. filesize atm... so be carefull before pasting in whole wikipedias. Horizons might not load or crash.
Best is to keep your notes as SHORT as possible!

Currently there is a forced wrap at 80 characters.


Since you will submit text across an unencrypted line to my server I suggest you don't include your creditcard number or account passwords..
I try my best to keep the server secure.

I don't keep logfiles or copies of the converted data.

Feedback, bugs, etc is welcome.